Monday, June 25, 2012

Global consumers have a daily coffee habit — except for the Chinese and, surprisingly, Americans

Coffee has grown into a daily drink globally, even in countries that don’t have a tradition of consuming it.
Brazil and Italy have the largest percentage of consumers who drink coffee every day or most days. They also have, by far, the largest cohort of youth coffee drinkers. In general, coffee consumption is correlated with age — the lower the age, the lower the rate.
On the other end of the scale is China, which has a very low rate of regular coffee consumption.

Interestingly, the US is second to last. Americans who drink coffee on a regular basis are outnumbered by consumers in 15 countries, including in markets where tea — not coffee — is the traditional beverage.

For most China consumers, coffee is still pretty much a symbol of the Western lifestyle. Meeting up at a cafe or holding a cup of to-go coffee looks cool and cosmopolitan. But considering the high price of quality coffee, most Chinese consumers have neither the need nor the money to drink coffee every day.

While Americans like their coffee, they may prefer other beverages — soft drinks (both regular and diet), sports/energy drinks — to get them going in the morning. This tendency is more pronounced among younger generations.

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  1. Would have never guessed.. esp with capitalist consumerism and starbucks ruling the roost!

    Whats the source?