Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY movie theatres appear in Moscow courtyards

A mobile movie theatre made of used wooden pallets has been launched by non-profit group On The Way. After its premiere in one of Moscow’s courtyards, it's starting to migrate across the city’s residential areas (TheMoscowNews.ru, April 3 2012).

The project is focused on sustainability, not just in form but in content — all of the documentaries shown relate to environmental issues in urban spaces.

However, the mobile theater is not just about films. Under this umbrella, the non-profit group is also collecting recycled paper on the spot, as well as planning a giant chess set made of recycled materials, to travel along with the screen. It's also planning an even more unusual prop — a urinal unit with the sign “The courtyard is not a toilet”, to attract attention to the problem of urbanites polluting public spaces with human waste.


Young urban Russians are leading the movement for a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle. It was primarily considered a "cool" Western trend but is now developing into a conviction that more urbanites are finding meaningful.

Entertainment remains one of the key motivations for crowds in Russia. That's why the element of fun is important for attracting attention, even to serious matters.

On the Way project
On the Way event video

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