Monday, March 7, 2011

The Fire in Bandra Slums! Slumdog Millionaire!!!

The message of ‘helping the victims’ has already surfaced on the social media landscape with one & all (especially wannabe social glitterati) asking all of us to HELP the victims of the Bandra fire.

But before we venture out to do this ‘nake kaam’ we should (like we would always do at a personal level) access if the persons asking for need are especially in NEED or not!
In my mind most of these people are by no means needy. A little glimpse into their homes will reveal 3 stories of slums equipped with refrigerators running on stolen electricity, nice flat television sets playing Porn & DVD’s players playing the latest PIRATED bollywood flick!

These 'so called' victims are all mostly Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, UP, Bihar. Their famed occupations range from petty thefts to gangs, full time criminal operations & rape to part time disease carrying.

Their achievement handbook includes rapes on minors, extorting money from couples @ band stand n reclamation, drug dealing & eve teasing. I am convinced they’ve built an empire on stealing mobile phones from innocent hands while people trod towards Bandra station; efficiently running their business hand in glove with local traffic officials & petty havaldars. Money they generate is sent to their respective native places making them nothing but a liability to our city & civic society at large!

They do not pay heed to cops & courts; certainly don’t pay taxes and rules that we follow are not meant for them. Simply draw your mind to the Bandra signal on SV road & you will realize how the cars on the road need to stop for these MAHARAJA pedestrians to cross! & this especially when a Skywalk has been built for them!

The famed 3 storied slums are a result of a 'hand in glove' approach of criminal slum-lords & corrupt government officials. So please..Think twice before sympathizing towards them and ask yourself "who is a victim really?"


So now that they are in a mess, NOW WHAT! What do we do? Am I proposing that we just leave them
there!!! Well, NO
I’m not a barbarian monster. I’m not averse to the poor & the homeless getting rehabilitated. But that’s the key word here isn’t it ..REHABILITATION

No one seems to be speaking this word. Everyone in fact is very careful not to use it. Its reflective in the manner in which every officially recognized body has responded post the fire!

THE BMC Says it’s not their problem & the RAILWAYS are humming the same tune. Someone needs to do something here. Maybe set up a trust fund.. for REHABILITATION! But one things clear..this kind of ad hoc help & plea is not the solution to any of their or our problems!

like the ol’ saying give a man fish & he won’t be hungry for a day, TEACH a man how to fish & he will never be Hungry for life!