Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We all know KBC is Good Business but have you ever pondered...

How Good....???? Any guesses? Let's see...

Idea is charging Rs.6/- per SMS sent for this contest.

Assuming there are only 100 entries from say 10 cities of some 20 districts and 20 states...

6(Rs/SMS) x 100(entries) x 10(cities) x 20(districts) x 20(states) = 6 x 100 x 10 x 20 x 20 = Rs.24,00,000

24 lakhs in 20 minutes.
(People trying for the 3 lakhs cash prize)

Imagine what if 1000 entries try out from 100 cities?

The figure simply grows by 2 more zeroes and yields a whopping 24 Crores!!!!

And it does not stop there...(obviously..!!)

In practice it could be another multiple of 100 or a multiple of 1000 on an average.

In that case it is 24 x 100 crores earnings in just 20 minutes on every episode!!!

And the prize money: A mere 2 crore..(and from whose pocket?)

Smart Business By Siddharth Basu!

And the best part of this calculation is just the SMS earning!!

What about the Ad money?

A rough annual profit calculation goes like this:

(2400 x 5 x 4) (episode/month) = 60000 crores.

Let even 50% get dissolved in taxes and other payments, you would still be left with (which includes even the meagre 480 crores of prize money i.e.if every player per episode bags 2 crore prize)
30000-crores profit !!! (only from SMS)

Simple Question:
and your options are --


Computerji iska jawab bataiye....

Ans: All FOUR..!!!!


Now you know why AB gets all emotional when the episodes end...........

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I see a world around me!

I see a world around me Cars & people in constant motion I see a world around me The urban world's relentless commotion I see a world around me Where nature too is on a unforgiving march The tides have waited for none, nor the rains or the migrations This world in motion, color & myriad vibrations I see a world around me & myself an insignificant piece It seems i am part of the commotion But the commotion is not part of me I see a world around me Only this time it is mine Here I control the water & the wind in my sail Here I have merrily rejoiced through my happy trails In this world there is kindness In this world there is stillness & in this world there is me & me & me....