Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dog walkers in Mexico City can scoop poop and trade it for WiFi

Need to check your email? Pick up some poop. The ad agency BBDO and the Internet portal Terra have teamed up to offer a creative solution to a dirty problem in Mexico City’s parks.

When poop goes into a special receptacle, it weighs the droppings and gives minutes of free WiFi accordingly — 70g of poop equals about 20 minutes. And once the WiFi is activated, everyone in the surrounding area benefits.

The 10 parks in the Terra Poo WiFi program have signs that show the number of WiFi minutes one can get based on the breed of dog and the size of its droppings. There is a definite bias toward Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands.

Carrots are often more effective than the stick. Getting a reward for good behavior (picking up dog poop, even if it didn’t come from your animal) is a better incentive than possible fines for bad behavior.

Mexicans are becoming more technologically dependent, and having access to free WiFi is a powerful motivator to clean up a dog’s mess.

Video about Terra Poo Wifi
Terra México

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