Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IGrill. The new application!


Outdoor entertaining is a backyard tradition. But why should the grillmeister miss all the fun? iGrill, a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer, lets chefs mingle with the guests instead of hovering over the coals.

iGrill works as a standalone thermometer but earns its keep with remote apps. Once they set the desired temperature, chefs can wander anywhere within a 200-foot range. As soon as the meat is ready, iGrill beeps and sends an alert to their iPhone, iPad or iTouch device.

Available in black or white, iGrill comes with recipes and handy tips like how to debone a fish.

App-happy consumers love controlling every aspect of their lives with their trusty smartphones. And while frivolous apps abound, this one is actually useful. Presetting temperatures for grilled meats eliminates a lot of guesswork: No more charred burgers or undercooked chicken!

Outdoor living continues to go high tech. Add iGrill to the growing list of plugged-in
barbecue accessories, from infrared grills to outdoor fridges.

iGrill retails for $80

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