Monday, May 21, 2012

Hangover Heaven rides to the rescue of Sin City revelers

When it comes to the morning after, sometimes hard partying demands hard science. A Las Vegas anesthesiologist claims that IV treatments like those given to patients post-surgery can benefit people who overindulge, and he's bringing the Rx directly to the suffering.

Dr. Jason Burke's Hangover Heaven is a mobile service designed to cure even the most monumental hangover in 45 minutes or less. On the company's Strip-roving, designed-for-comfort bus or in the client's hotel room, medical professionals administer intravenous hydration solutions packed with vitamins, amino acids and prescription medications.
The FDA-approved therapies reduce recovery time by accelerating the purging of aldehydes, the toxic compounds that cause headache and nausea.

Treatments start at $150. For those who can't make it to the bus or just want to spring for a house call, in-room therapy is available three days a week for $500.

What happens in Vegas: Video testimonials on the HH site speak of speedy recovery from nights of prodigious alcohol consumption. The company's judgment-free attitude toward overindulgence might not sit well with everyone, but it's in keeping with the vice-friendly profile that draws tourists to the city.

Party-hearty types value the convenience of easy access to serious remedies, and the confidence that painful downtime won't ruin their getaway.
In nightlife meccas, mobile and pop-up opportunities abound for detox drink and food brands.

Hangover Heaven & Sheri Linden

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