Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What being slim means for Indian consumers?

Provided by: Iconoculture Quantified Analysis
Source date: W1.1, 2010

More than half of Indian consumers, regardless of lifestage, equate slim with healthy. This indicates that health concerns may be the top reason why people in India keep a diet or exercise to lose weight.
The second most popular association for being slim is “I am in control of my life,” which may relate to portion control and over-eating.
Being slim also translates to attractiveness. Youth, young adults and midlifers all have the same set of statements that they associate most with being slim.
The only exception is seniors, who think that their slim figure may be a sign of weak health.

Consumers are bombarded with media messages of slim models/actors/public figures who are made up to look half their actual age in TV commercials and public propaganda material. Slim, therefore, means young and healthy, to a majority of consumers. The idea of losing weight, exercising and keeping fit are equated with good health in these media messages.
Youthful looks are very important to consumers fighting the ageing battle. Being slim somehow wins half that battle for them.

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