Monday, February 7, 2011

Simple clear & destructive! Now let's bring the cup home!!

So as I write this today is the 7th of Feb. This means that there are 12 days to go for the cricket world cup; crickets premiere showcase event.

As the crescendo for the world cup reaches its pinnacle the chatter surrounding the Indian cricket team will be tremendous.

Why? Because we are clear favorites? Why are we clear favorites?

Many reasons actually (i) we are playing at home & know home conditions (ii) we have a settled captain & one can never discount that benefit (iii) we have SACHIN Tendulkar, need I say more (iv) we have a very settled side & with Zaheer the bowling looks in able hands & (v) lastly we have 7-8 top order batsman, each match winners in their own right!!!
But I believe that for India to do well, one man will have to clearly fire on all cylinders!!! & that name is Viru Shewag!! We know how destructive he can be on his day, we also know that bowlers respect & fear him… Shewag carries & auro today & that’s what we need to capitalize on!!!

What makes India so formidable is that even if SHEWAG does not fire, we can depend on GAUTAM GAMBHIR!! GG in top form will also be difficult to contain. To add to that the big stage of the world cup, GG will be fully fired up for the occasion. I expect him also to go leather hunting right from the word go!! It’s simple, India has that luxury, we should!!

Just look at the top order.. all can score runs & FAST!!! The lineup should bat around sachin (who will play at a run a ball pace & if he goes RAINA is more than able in this role) everyone else, bang bang bang!!!!!

SHEWAG, GG, DHONI, YUVRAJ & YUSUF!!! How awesome can we be on our day!!! And this batting line up in the sub continent, it’s not only dominant it’s intimidating!!!

And that’s why SHEWAG at the top is so important!! He is intimidating!!! He filled with aura that’s intimidating!!! Chances are if he sneezes his snort would be intimidating!! That’s his reputation at the top!!!

If he can go all hell out at the top of the order that’s a clear knockout punch!!! Everyone else will benefit from a clear cascading effect!!

And that my friends is what should be INDIA’s clear & positive strategy!

Bat first, bat big.. & basically just bat the position out of the match!!

Simple. Clear. Destructive. Now let’s go bring the cup home!

PS: please look out for the tweets on the world cup. #mdcwcfocus

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