Monday, January 10, 2011

IPL ka Bazaaar!

So this is one auction I DONT understand! And that says a lot about me because until now I thought I was a good cricketer & a keen business man!!

Both parameters are curial to ‘BUYING’ an IPL cricketer right! Because unfortunately only cricketing skills will only get you as far…After that it’s all your marketability!!
Take for example my favorite (break dance) the LEGENDARY Sreesanth!!!
Sree at over 4 crores is INSANE. Yes, but people bought him because he not only plays good cricket ( cricketing worth for me is 1.5 Cr) but is also a NATIVE of KOCHI!
SO the man will become the FACE of the team & will be seen all across billboards & station pinups! (But still 2.5cr) premium for him!!! To market him!! That’s a bit much don’t you think!!!
It’s also surprising to see the OLD classics not being picked up!!! GANGULY or LARA per say. So what’s basically being said is that EION MORGAN at 350,000 is a better pick than GANGULY OR LARA at 400,000. That’s like saying that HMT at just a lesser price than TITAN is a better buy!!!
Hold on, what!!! WTF!! How is that ever possible? TITAN is a classic & will also be a pedigreed horse (that’s why Amir endorses it). No matter what happens to HMT & no matter how much the new boys advertise it.. TITAN with all its class & years of finesse will also be the pedigree!! But I guess I don’t know much about pedigree, cricket or brands!!
I’m sure that GANGULY or LARA would have been superb buys; their mere presence would benefit the dressing room enough.

Young players would look upto them, learn from them.. crowds will come to see them bat & if that’s not enough I’m pretty sure that a 50 from LARA would be more talked about that a 50 from MORGAN EVER!!!! SO that’s additional free PR for the team right!!!

The point here is that CRICKET Class alone was NOT the parameter for selection for if it was both these players would have been picked! There were OTHER FACTORS… and what I’m saying is, after including those other factors too, these OLDIES were a better bet!

But I don’t have the money & I guess I don’t know much about pedigree, cricket or brands!! Those 50 wise men & women in that room knew!!!
Only time will tell if they were right!!

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  1. & what about Grame Swann!! You dont buy him & go & buy PIYUSH CHAWLA!! What a joke!!!!