Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mayawati, the enigma!

The freshest news of the hour as I write this is that the CBI has ordered a probe into the NOTE Garland episodes of Shree Mayawatiji ! (& I don’t blame them really)

Very few women in recent times have been able to capture the type of media frenzy & footage or time spent on TV as Mayawati has been able to achieve.

So, why does she get all this adulation & attention? & is it warranted?

What’s important is we understand who “MW” (short for her from here onward) is and infinitely more importantly what she REPRESENTS
She represents the poorest section of the Indian Economy or Caste structure, the Dalits. Dalits are a mixed population of numerous caste groups all over India & indeed South Asia, and speak various languages.
While the caste system has been abolished under the Indian constitution there is still discrimination and prejudice against Dalits. Since Indian independence, significant steps have been taken to provide opportunities in jobs and education. Many social organizations have encouraged proactive provisions to better the conditions of dalits through improved education, health and employment.
Quota systems have been made, to give this backward community a fair chance {Although I am truly against the quota system (for Dalits or even RESERVATION FOR WOMEN..and that is a discussion for another time) } Colleges with exclusive inclusion of Dalits have been formulated…MNC’s have been literally ordered to provide these Castes with added privileges but through all of this MW stands as a beacon of DALIT hope & pride. Being pampered as the ‘Dalit Queen,’ Mayawati has carved her own place in not only Uttar Pradesh politics but also in Indian polity. Stakes are that she might turn out to be first Dalit woman prime minister for the country.
Enjoying her fourth stint as chief minister of a state that was notorious for the worst treatment of the untouchables and Dalits, she has very candidly assumed the role of a state maker. Today, she enjoys Z plus security cover and a huge bank balance that has led to a lot of uproar in the opposition circles.
It is exactly this topic that I would like to touch upon? Is there an elite disdain of Mayawati? I think there is! And I think there should be!!
Don’t get me wrong here…I don’t intent to put her down, she stands for the right cause, & maybe at some point her motives and means were also pure, but they cannot be anymore. In the process of standing up for Dalit rights she has made so much money!!

That aside, the show of money in a way that has been done is ridiculous! What are we (as the rich or NON DALIT) supposed to think about the dalits then and what are we supposed to think of their representing party & party leader?

Where did they get so much money from? What do they intend to do with all that money other than their own uplifting? And if they do have their own resources to look after themselves (as is evident) then why do they need us or our support in terms of discounts/exemptions & reservations?

It is easy to see where she has made this money from … Indian politics, for the last 50 years has witnessed that Uttar Pradesh decides the party or coalition at the center. Mayawati being the chief minister of the state and her party becoming the single largest in the state assembly holds sway to what happens in the Center.
In crude terms she holds larger national parties “with their balls” and in return the national parties shower her with more and more money (I don’t matter if its black o white)

In this all conquering situation she has all the power she needs to really do some “GOOD” work & some serious uplifting! She can take these people forward, along with her. She can provide them with a rare and genuine chance to live a fair life, earn a fair wage and give their children’s future a fair & just chance

But she chooses to make more & more statues of herself, she chooses the NOTED garlands and she chooses to spend 250 CRORES of the states fund for BSP celebrations!

For the 1st time in a long time, after Mr. BR Ambedkar there is somebody who can really do something for these people & that is her truest achievement…

Will it be glory? or will it be "TERA MUU KAAALA" like it has been for the millions of other dalits before her....
only this time....SHE MAKES HER OWN CHOICE!

How history will take her name is now entirely upto her & her alone, Ms. Mayawatiji…the true enigma of Indian politics, GENDER & CASTE.

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